How To Tip Your Movers

You might have heard a number of different things involving tips for the men who come to load the moving truck with all of your goods, and you might be confused, but don’t let that stop you from giving credit where credit is due. Tipping your movers is always a good idea, especially if they’ve done a great job getting your goods into and out of the moving truck. Do you know what to give them though? How much do you tip, and who do you give it to? We’ve asked our team of moving experts that very question and they’ve offered advice that can help you ensure your tipping strategy is perfect for your move.

Understanding Moving Tips

There are many different industries where we see and offer tipping. Think about other service professionals such as a waitress or the person who cuts your hair. In these cases, you give a tip based on the job the person did and how friendly they were. For movers, the same thing applies. While there is much more riding on their job performance, and we tend not to think about them in the same light as a waitress or a barber, the fact is that they do fall into that category. And because of that, they are both worthy and deserving of a tip.

What Kind of Tip?

The word ‘tip’ can often come with some ambiguity and confusion. There are plenty of stereotypes that convey the idea that pizza at the end of the day, or even a twelve pack of beer at the conclusion of loading the truck is a good tip, but in many cases, this isn’t the route you should go. While ordering dinner is sometimes acceptable, almost all moving companies have rules against drinking since the movers will soon be driving. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a couple of things in mind when you are considering your tip.

  • While not an actual ‘tip’, it’s always a good thing to have cold water, sports drinks, or soda on hand throughout the day to help combat the sweat and hard work the movers do in loading your goods onto the truck.
  • If the move continues through dinner time, calling ‘break time’ can be very much appreciated. Consider ordering pizza for all and think of it as an investment in the work yet to come.
  • Otherwise, offer cash as your tip for the movers and the hard work they’ve put into the move. Be sure to have this on hand ahead of time so that you don’t have to keep them waiting as you run to the bank to retrieve the money.

How Much to Tip?

Another one of the modern questions that people have when they are considering tipping their movers is just how much to offer. While there are no hard, set rules regarding the money you should give them, for good work, consider the following guidelines. Remember, these guidelines are per person and not overall.

  • For moves that take about 4 hours to load, offer around $10 for average service.
  • Moves that take 8 hours for the loading process, giving about $20 is the norm.
  • If your movers are loading your things for 12 hours, consider about $40 for a tip.
  • For service that was spectacular, or if they went out of their way for you, consider adding extra to each person’s base amount.

One More Thing

Now that you know what to tip and how much to give, it’s important that you know one more thing before moving day arrives. While not every lead mover is unscrupulous, there are a number of them out there. As such, take a moment to recognize the individual efforts of each member of the moving team by handing them each their tip personally rather than giving a lump sum to the lead member of the team. This way, you are certain that each person actually gets the money you’ve given them.