International Moving Process

Moving internationally is a far more intensive prospect than moving to a new home within the borders of the country you call home currently. Last minute surprises and other problems that you might have forgotten about until just before the move can be disastrous, which is why it is vital to prepare ahead of time. Ultimately, there are nine steps that you should follow to get through the process of moving internationally without issue. Here are those nine steps.

Be sure to print out this list, if needed, to help you remember how to make your international move simple.

Step One: Plan, Plan, and Plan

One cannot say enough about the importance of planning ahead when it comes to a big, international move. Relocating to a new country involves many different aspects of your life that will be changing. In order to avoid forgetting things, or ending up in trouble at the other end of the move, be sure that you set time aside to build a moving plan that should include a budget, calendar, and even to-do lists for every member of the family.

Step Two: Gather Moving Quotes

Finding the right international moving company is even more important than locating a moving company to haul your things across the country. There are a ton of movers that you can choose from, so set some time aside for you to simply gather moving quotes from these companies. Compare the costs, which are generally all inclusive, while you compare reputation and reviews online. After ruling many companies out, create a short list and call those companies back for more information.

Step Three: Packing Up

Packing is a long and drawn out process that will take quite a chunk of your time between now and the day you move. For that reason, get started early. Most international moving companies will be happy to help you if you want them to handle this part of the move, but you will end up paying an extra fee. The fee is well worth the time you will save, and professional packers will protect your more delicate items with not only the right packing supplies, but their experience as well.

Step Four: Dealing with Valuable Items

All of your high value items should be packed by the movers themselves. Not only will this afford them extra protection, but it will ensure those items are documented appropriately and are fully covered under the insurance offered by the company you have chosen. Some movers won’t cover goods that are packed by the consumer, so check ahead to find out what your company’s stance is.

Step Five: Loading Your Goods

Goods, once packed, are loaded into shipping containers. For smaller households, wooden containers known as ‘lift vans’ are used. These containers will then be loaded into ocean containers for transport by ship. If you have a larger home, the goods you are shipping may simply be loaded into the ocean container at your home instead.

Step Six: Transport to the Port

Once all of your things have been loaded into the appropriate containers, the movers you’ve hired will transport the container to the port. This port may not be the closest one to your home, but will be where the containers are loaded onto the ship that will be taking them to the country where you will soon be living.

Step Seven: Transport

After delivered to the port, your things will be transported. This process may take up to two or three weeks, depending on what country you are moving to.

Step Eight: Dealing with Customs

All goods coming into a country must pass through customs before they are allowed in the country. Most movers in the United States will work with a mover in the country you are moving to so that your goods can be transported to your new home once they are cleared by the right officials. Having the right paperwork on the shipment, and avoiding having packed anything not allowed in your destination country will ensure quick processing.

Step Nine: Delivery to Your New Home

Finally, the company on the other end of the move will deliver your goods to your new home, or a storage facility, as set up in your country of origin. Now you will be able to begin the exciting journey of living and working in a new country.