Local House Moving

No matter where you move, there are a number of things you’re going to have to worry about. First, you have to consider how you will transport everything that you own to your new place. Then, you have to think about utilities, address changes, and settling into your new home. Even when you are just relocating down the street, or around the corner, it’s important to prepare and get organized ahead of time. Here are some of the most important things to consider when you are making a local move to a new home.

How Are You Getting There?

One of the major concerns a person has when a move is on the horizon is how they plan on getting to the new place with all of their belongings intact. For some, especially those with families, pets, and full time jobs, this can be particularly problematic. Thankfully, there are special local moving companies who specialize in such moves that can help you. Why hire local movers instead of moving your things on your own?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Professional moving companies can complete the move with ease as they have the equipment and the experience to get things done quickly and efficiently.
  • You save tons of time when you hire a mover because you won’t have to make multiple trips with a friend’s truck, or spend the day loading a rental on your own.
  • Save your back by letting the professionals handle the heavier items that you have in your home.
  • Don’t worry about taking too much time off of work; if you start early and pack ahead of time, professionals will have you and everything you own in your new place in a matter of hours.

Preparing for a Local Move

Even when you have chosen to move locally with a moving company, there are some things you need to do to prepare for this event. Perhaps the most important of all is finding the specific company you want to hire to do the transporting.

  • Just like when you are hiring a long distance mover, make sure that you call around or look online to get free moving quotes for the task at hand. Sit down and spend some time comparing them.
  • Check with friends and neighbors to see what they have heard about different companies in the area. Unlike long distance moving companies, local companies rely more on word of mouth advertising and their reputation should speak for itself.
  • For further confirmation that you are working with a great mover, contact the local Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any outstanding complaints against a given company.
  • Look into insurance through your homeowner’s policy or another company, as some local movers don’t provide the option to purchase higher levels of valuation coverage because their scope is so small.

Once you have chosen a mover, make sure that you consider methods of saving time. Local companies charge based on the hours it takes to get your goods to your new home rather than by the weight of the shipment like traditional relocation companies. As such, if you can save them time, you can save yourself money.

  • Get packed ahead of time. Plan ahead and start packing as soon as you can ahead of the move.
  • Create a staging area and neatly stack all of your packed boxes there so that the movers only have to load the stacks on hand trucks and wheel them to the moving van.
  • Disassemble furniture ahead of time. Keep hardware in a Ziploc bag and consider taping it to the piece it belongs to.
  • Have everything ready to go before the movers arrive at your home. This means having both your old and new home open, have someone at each location to supervise the movers, and have a pen handy to sign paperwork with.
  • Don’t forget to treat your movers right! Have snacks and drinks on hand, and give them each a tip, as they will work faster and more diligently if they know they are working with a thankful customer.

When Planning Pays Off

Regardless of where in the local area you are moving to, keeping these things in mind can help you save more than just trouble as you quickly accelerate towards the day of the move. Local relocation can be a bit tricky at times because consumers are caught between wanting to move themselves with the impression it will save them lots of money, and hiring a service that will save them tons of time and effort. If you approach the situation from the right direction, it is possible to save both. Hire a local company, but keep these tips in mind, and you’ll see how affordable it can be to facilitate a simple move.