What To Expect from an Estimate

What To Expect from an Estimate
When it comes to moving, the type of move you are trying to accomplish will have a lot to do with how you approach the situation. It will also have plenty of impact on what you see in your moving quote, how much it costs, and what the estimate actually includes. A local moving estimate is based on a move that is completed within 100 miles of the original location and is generally within the same state or even county. If this is your type of move and you’re wondering what you can expect once you start to contact moving companies for quotes, read on. The experts here at Moving Angels have compiled a list of what you’ll get when you get local moving quotes below.

The Costs

Of course, the whole purpose of getting a local moving quote is to get an estimate on what your move will cost. For moves that are less than a hundred miles, you can expect those costs to be billed hourly. Longer intrastate or interstate moves are billed based on the amount of things you are moving and how much your shipment weighs, but local companies charge by the hour, which can include the following:

  • Drive time to your location.
  • Packing.
  • Loading the truck.
  • Drive time to your new home.
  • Unloading the truck.
  • Any setup requested by you.
  • Multiple trips if necessary.

Because there are quite a few variables included in the process that can often be added on after the movers arrive at your home, the cost can vary quite a bit. However, when you obtain a quote, you’ll be given an hourly rate for a package of movers plus equipment, so you can gauge if the requests you have for packing or setup are worth the money you’ll pay.

Insurance Liability

Moving insurance is important no matter what kind of move you undertake, so it’s important to realize that unlike long distance movers, local movers don’t have to carry liability for everything they transport. Instead, the only time they are liable for damages to your goods is when they pack them as part of their services to you. If you pack them, or you hire a third party packing company, the local company does not cover any damage done while things are being transported.

While it might seem excessive to pay for a full packing service on top of the hourly rate for the move, you can save a little bit of money by hiring a partial packing service from the movers you’ve hired. When you do this, you are responsible for packing almost everything, but you save the valuables and breakables for the company to pack instead. This way, the movers are liable for any damages that might occur during transport to only the most delicate and valuable things you own. Be sure to mention this plan to the people you are getting estimates from so that this cost can be included when giving you a price quote.

Other Considerations

Every moving estimate will be different, but there are some relative rules that guide these variances. For example, when you choose to move during the summer, or at a time of the year when a lot of people’s leases are ending, then you run the risk of paying more for an in-demand service while potentially getting less experienced movers to handle your goods. In order to avoid this problem, it’s recommended that you plan your move so that the big day falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of a month.

Remember that the cost estimated will vary quite a bit when you are dealing locally because of the issues that might come up along the way. Every issue that comes up will add hourly time to the overall job, causing more costs in the long run. Be sure to plan ahead and have packing supplies on hand while preparing the driveway so that the movers don’t have to walk a long distance to get what they need to get to their truck. Let them know about any obstacles ahead of time so that your quote will be more accurate.

Finally, consider both hiring movers in the morning and offering refreshments to keep them energized and going. It is a fact that movers tend to work faster if they are not hungry, thirsty, or overly tired. Keeping this in mind may end up saving you money, even if your quote told you to expect to pay more.

No local moving quote is the same and there are many factors that go into coming up with a cost. Generalizations are often used and binding quotes don’t exist in this sector of the industry. At the same time, local movers are far more protective of their reputation and image, so you are likely not to be taken for a ride as often as you might be by unqualified long distance companies. Just remember what has been laid out above and you’ll be more apt to understand the quotes you get and the services you’ll be hiring for your move. In the end, knowledge is power, and knowing will make things far easier for you to bear in the long run.