Moving Special Items

Helpful Hints for Moving Special Items

One of the most stressful aspects of moving can often be in transporting special items. These items can be things like pool tables, pianos, or antiques that are both delicate and difficult to replace, or smaller items that are of high value. Regardless of what special items you are moving, it’s important that you take the steps that you need to take in order to ensure these items make it to your new home without damage or difficulty.

Packing Techniques

The most important thing to remember when you are moving delicate, fragile, bulky, or high value items is that you must pack them so that they are well protected throughout the move. For larger items, this can be rather difficult because large items are difficult to maneuver. For smaller, irregularly shaped items, you will face another set of However, try to keep in mind the following tips if you will be packing these things on your own.

  • There is no such thing as enough padding when it comes to fragile items, and you should never skimp on bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, packing paper, and special containers in which to transport fragile items. If the item you are packing is larger, it’s a good idea to get special moving pads to wrap legs and any other protrusions.
  • Keep plastic and tape away from surfaces that are easily damaged. The temperature extremes in the back of a moving truck can cause these materials to fuse to the surface of tables, pianos, pool tables, and anything else that has a finish, causing irreparable damage.
  • Get moving blankets and special clips to wrap larger items in and then use moving wrap – which is a lot like plastic wrap – to keep them in place if they require extra support.
  • Consider disassembling anything that requires it.
  • Communicate special handling instructions to the movers when they arrive to pack up the moving truck. Such instructions should include things like how to lift a chest that should not be carried by its handles, or how not to lean an object to avoid damage.

The Right Movers

Finding the right movers for your specialty items is an important aspect of things if you want to provide the highest level of protection for your goods. While there are plenty of moving companies out there, choosing one that has experience in moving things like pianos or other bulky items is generally the best possible method of approaching this specific situation. Just like with any other mover, it’s important to take a few steps in order to uncover the best company for whatever your specific requirements will be.

  • Check reputations online or with local stores that sell the items you are trying to move. For example, if you are trying to move a piano, check with a local (or online) music shop to see whom they might recommend. Usually they will have a list of movers they have either used, or have heard good things from, that you will be safe hiring.
  • Ask for references from the movers you are interested in. Any good company will maintain a list of customers who have agreed to be references and who have agreed to potential contact from possible customers like you. Don’t be afraid to contact these references and ask them candid questions.
  • Do research on how to move the items you are trying to move so that you can present yourself as an educated consumer when the movers speak to you about transporting the items in question. That way, if they try to pass off something as an industry standard, you will know if they are simply trying to appease you or if they really know what they are talking about.

Insurance Protection

No matter what you are shipping, or where you need it moved to, make sure that you get adequate insurance coverage from a traditional insurance company to cover the loss of the items you are moving. While some antiques and sentimental items cannot be replaced, having insurance on hand will allow you the monetary backing to make repair attempts. Remember, moving companies are not insurance companies and can only offer valuation coverage. For anything that is worth a lot, having a traditional policy is the only way that you can be certain you will have financial recourse if something goes wrong.