Packing Your Wardrobe : A Guide to Packing Clothes

Most people these days have some pretty sizable wardrobes, which can be a great thing on most days. But when you’re moving to a new home, this can be pretty problematic. Clothes weigh a lot and they can be troublesome to pack, but if you get organized and know how to approach the situation ahead of time, packing your wardrobe shouldn’t be any trouble at all. Here are some common methods of packing clothing that you can put to work for your relocation needs.

Sorting and Saving

Because clothing weighs a lot and takes a bit of effort to pack and prepare for the move, it is in your best interest to get rid of things that you aren’t going to use and that you aren’t going to wear. Like in many other areas of your home, you can weed things out that you’ve not used in the past year and set them aside for a garage sale or simply donate them to a local thrift store. This will reduce what you have to pack, as well as reducing the weight of your shipment, which can save you money in the long run.

Pack for a Trip

Remember, you’re going to need clothing for the transition period between your old home and your new home. This can often last a few days to a week, so take time now to set aside anything you’ll need throughout that time. Consider packing a suitcase for each member of the family, or even a small bag, so that everything will have access to what they will need during this transition. Keep in mind that you will need things like socks and undergarments as well, so approach this step like you were packing for a trip.

Season Sorting

Sorting things into different seasons can help you address the urgency of unpacking at your new home. If you sort things according to what you need for the current season, and what you’ll need later, you can pack things in a way that will help you get unpacked and organized at your new home faster and more efficiently. Don’t forget to label everything so that you can unpack the current season’s clothes first.

Use What You Have

The best place to start when you are packing clothing is the luggage that you already own. Since you’ll be packing this luggage anyways, using it to hold your clothing only makes sense. Furthermore, this makes it a little easier to unpack when you get to your new home, effectively unpacking two things at one time. Consider rolling your clothes or packing in piles to reduce the creases and wrinkles that your clothing will have when you unpack it.

The Right Boxes

Having a few wardrobe boxes can be handy, as they have metal bars in the top that will allow you to hang certain things. These containers are rather expensive, though, so carefully consider what to hang and what to fold. Most things can be folded, or rolled as you would if you were packing a suitcase, but for dresses, suits, and other things, using this special box can save you trouble. For everything else, simply use a normal moving box, but remember to use a smaller one to account for the weight behind clothing.


It’s always a good idea to pack your shoes separately from the rest of your clothing when you are moving, especially over long distances. Shoes can often get dirt and leave stains on clothes, so keep them in a separate box. If you must pack them together, use plastic bags to keep them enclosed and separate from your clothing. If you’re worried about the shoes losing their form, stuff them with socks to keep them in the shape that you packed them in.