Saving Money on Packing Materials

One of the largest expenses when it comes to moving involves the packing supplies that you need to have on hand to make sure everything you own is packed and carefully protected while it is being relocated to your new home. Not only will you need boxes for everything, but you’ll also need to get padding to keep the more delicate items that you have from getting broken. When you sit down and add up all of the supplies you’ll need, you might be overwhelmed. Between boxes, which generally cost $3-$5 a piece, to the bubble wrap and packing paper, and then the many rolls of packing tape you’ll need, the overall packing costs can easily climb into the hundreds of dollars.

Thankfully, however, there are some methods of packing that can actually save you those hundreds of dollars. Instead of watching this money vacate your bank account, consider the following methods of reducing your moving costs by dramatically cutting the money you are paying for packing supplies.

Moving Boxes

The bulk of your moving supply costs is going to come from purchasing all of the moving boxes that you will need to pack up your home. Brand new boxes are expensive, and if you need enough to pack a larger home, you can expect to pay literally hundreds of dollars. Instead of putting up with this expense, consider reusing boxes instead. There are a number of places where you can find boxes that have already been used, such as Craigslist or the local newspaper. Families who have just moved are often getting rid of good boxes for a small fee, or even free, so be sure to check into this option before buying your own.

You can also get free boxes from many local retail stores in your area. Most stores have to pay someone to take their boxes away after they get a shipment of new inventory in. By visiting the store and speaking with the manager, you can take those boxes off their hands and end up with everything you need to pack up your whole house without any trouble.

Packing Paper and Wrap

If you have delicate items that will be making the move with you, then you will ultimately need packing paper to wrap them in. Newsprint isn’t recommended because the print can often damage the goods that are wrapped up in it, especially in the heat, so don’t use your old newspapers, but don’t buy plain packing paper either. Instead, consider using things you already have to pack, such as towels and linens. Towels are perfect for packing plates and other dishes, while sheets can be used to wrap multiple delicate goods or models that usually reside on your shelves.

If you have something particularly delicate, you can still purchase bubble wrap to ensure its safety, but by using linens and other soft fabrics from around your home, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a hundred dollars worth of bubble wrap to ensure that everything is well padded for the move.

Tape, Labels, And Everything Else

Some things you just can’t get out of purchasing, but there are ways to save money on these items even if you can’t replace them with a cheaper alternative. You know you will need a lot of tape, so consider making your purchase in bulk. The more rolls that you buy at one time, the cheaper each of the rolls will be. Similarly, consider looking for sales in the weeks leading up to your move. Often, you can get a good deal on a multi-pack of packing tape, allowing you to further reduce the cost of a move.

Labels can be purchased in a similar manner, or you can simply look for creative options that might either be on sale, or already around your house. If you have kids that are involved in the move, let them help out by making labels on regular paper, and then taping them to the boxes that you pack.

Moving is already an expensive venture, but it is possible to avoid the hundreds of dollars that you might have spent on packing supplies for that move. Keep these simple tips in mind and you can reap the benefits of approaching the packing situation from the right state of mind.